Friday, 13 April 2012

Drinkers are Conformists

They like to think of themselves as free, rebels, living life how they want. They party hard and really believe they’re the wild ones, the ones who do things differently.

They break the social norms. They flash dicks if they’re men and tits if they’re girls.

But drinkers are Yes Men. Yes Women. Yes People.

What happens if you ask a drinker ‘do you want a drink?’ They’ll say YES. They always say yes. They say nothing but yes. They’re programmed to say yes. They’re YES people.

They conform. They conform to the group’s expectations of them. And with a group of drinkers, that expectation is to drink. To drink and get drunk, like you did last time. Everyone has a role, to drink, to drink together and get drunk together.

It doesn’t matter if you got sick from drink last week. You’ll be expected to drink like you always do tonight. Even if you’d like a soft drink, you won’t because you’re a conformist. You’re scared of what will happen to your image if you don’t live up to expectations. Someone offers you a drink, you’ll say YES and then you’re in the circle of ‘rounds’. The circle of ‘yes’. Hey, drinker, YOU ARE A CONFORMIST! You sacrifice what’s good for you for the misguided benefit of the pack.

Be angry with me, if you want. I’m only a half rebel at the moment. I want to be a full rebel. To be the man I know I an. But I’m still not a full rebel. I know because I was a conformist and occasionally I still am. I still say ‘Yes’ when I mean ‘No’. I still am susceptible to saying ‘Yes’ despite what’s good for me.

Drinkers – don’t fool yourselves! You’re not rebels! You’re yes people. Can you say no to a drink? Can you drink water in the pub? Can you be calm when you’re drinking non-alcoholic drinks in a bar?

You don’t have to be a conformist. You can be a rebel too. Put your interests first. Sometimes it takes guts to say ‘NO’.

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