Monday, 25 June 2012

Imagine How Your Life Could Be as a Moderate Drinker

A New Start

You wake up with a smile on your face and you immediately hug your lover.  You feel the warmth of your lover.  You feel love and you feel wanted.  You start the day with a smile and with love.

When you getup, you stand tall and thank god or your lucky stars or whatever, that its Saturday and that it's your day. 

You go to the window and look out.  You see a beautiful day awaiting you.  You feel excited and look forward to your day.  You just can't help but smile because it's your day! 

Reclaim your mornings!  Reclaim your weekends!  Reclaim your life!

Be a moderate drinker.  And stop living under the influence.

Articles to help you change;

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