Monday, 3 September 2012

A year ago today

Officially, the Moderate Drinker has been on the Moderate Drinking road for a year.

On the 3rd September 2011 I made the effort to cut down to two glasses of wine and then on the 4th Sept 2011 I came up with 'Just one glass per night'.  That was the start.  Moderating at home was surprisingly easy but at parties and pubs it took some more effort.

I got sadly drunk for two weeks in January when I went back to Taiwan for a visit.  I used to work out there. But since then I've been moderate again both at home and in the pub. 

Cutting down has had some great benefits;

  • Feeling good on both Saturday and Sunday
  • No hangovers (except in January)
  • Generally feel happier when I'm not drinking
  • Don't feel the complusion to drink more and more
  • More motivated to make other changes in my life.
  • When you're sober, you realise drunks aren't so funny
Things are far from perfect but really cutting down on drink has made my life better.

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